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intuNews Issue 71


Customized Analytics -

Without Custom Development

intuVision's unlimited classification paired with our extensive events, compound rules and the ability to alarm or not alarm on multiple object types makes it possible to customize the analytics to use-cases spanning security, retail, traffic, and parking applications.

intuVision® VA

Next Level in Object Classification

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One could always select object types on which to alarm using intuVision VA's object classification.

The new feature of selecting object classes for events not to alarm on enables alarming on all other object types except the selected ones.

Reuben Gutierez
Product Engineer
intuVision, Inc.

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To Alarm or Not to Alarm

While it is common to want an alarm for specific types such as vehicles or people some applications may demand not alarming only for some object types.

When you cannot anticipate all object types which might trigger an alarm; not alarming on select ones - such as cleaning carts and luggage in the hallways of a hotel - but alarming on all other left items that require immediate staff attention, for example food trays, laundry bags, etc., gives you exactly what you need.

intuVision VA learns object types with user-trained classification

A key differentiator between intuVision and other video analytics tools on the market is our unlimited user-trainable classification. While other analytics software come with pre-built classification models, intuVision VA allows you to easily train for new object types within a few minutes.

With our unique method of classification, all that is needed is a few examples of object tracks for each of the object types of interest, collected while intuVision VA detects and tracks them. Using the intuitive “Classification” interface you can add different object classes into your system on the spot!

The classification can then be used with any intuVision VA event to alarm or not alarm on certain object types for true off-the-shelf customization of analytics to your environment.

This means you can go beyond out-of-the-box "person" and "vehicle" models, and offer your customers the precise solution they need. From counting fish in a river to generating separate counts for people pushing shopping carts and those without, intuVision VA has you covered.

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