Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

intuVision provides customizable intelligent video solutions for various end-user requirements. Using existing intuVision products and technology components we can create unique custom video analytics solutions in record time. We feature the technology components and our custom solutions examples here.

Visual Inference of Surveillance Activities (VISA)

intuVision has designed and developed the prototype VISA system to detect active surveillance around individuals. This system works with intuVision VA to analyze the video stream to determine if the individual of interest is being followed by others, having applications in forensic video analysis. The image below shows the individual(in red) and the other people in the scene. Those that are trailing are shown in yellow. The rays emanating from the ellipse indicate the line of sight around the individual.

The image shows a still from a surveillance video that has been analyzed with VISA to determine the active surveillance on the individual of interest.

Remote Access of Video Analytics Event Alarms

The intuVision VA light web server offers access to event alarm marked-up motion JPEG video streams and RSS feed for alarm event information. Users can now subscribe to this service and get event and alarm updates from anywhere they have access to internet.

The image shows a Blackberry phone with a intuVision VA video analysis event on the screen.

Video Surveillance and Biometrics Integrated Solutions

intuVision has designed and developed a prototype Virtual Mantrap System to enforce a "one person at a time enter/exit policy" to secure areas. The Virtual Mantrap has been expanded into a robust solution and deployed at intelligence agencies controls the flow of people through the designated zones guided by audiovisual cues and warnings. The Virtual Mantrap System includes 3 designated virtual zones around a secure door, corresponding to the enclosure zones in an actual mantrap door as depicted in the graphic below:

Read more about the Virtual Mantrap

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