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Let intuVision’s video analytics products watch your video for you, enabling you to focus on other things. Our customizable video analytics provide threat detection to suit the specific needs of intelligence, security, and law enforcement personnel. We are continuously improving our products to meet current surveillance and security needs, and can adapt our analytics to meet specific requirements.

intuVision Software Development Kit

Example of a possible panoptes intelligent video SDK implementation, collecting and analyzing video in a meuseum. This software development kit has customizable versions of the algorithms from Panoptes and video recall.

intuVision also provides our video analytics through a powerful and comprehensive C based software development kit for real-time video object tracking and event detection. Whether it is for a standalone video analysis application, a quick research prototype, or virtually any other video analysis product, this SDK is a ready-made solution.

intuVision SDK Product Sheet

intuVision VA - Real-Time Surveillance Video Analysis

Panoptes GUI, showing an intruder event.

Monitor surveillance cameras and automatically detect security threats in real time using intuVision VA. Placing first in an independant evaluation by the National Institute of Standards, this easy to use solution is designed to meet complex video surveillance and security needs, through event detection and object classification.

intuVision VA Introduction

VideoRecall - Easy to Use, All-in-One, Forensic Analysis and Reporting

VideoRecall visual: in the shape of a CD, this icon has the VideoRecall logo, in front of a muted image of the forensic video analysis VideoRecall GUI, with the intuVision label and information.

Use VideoRecall to effortlessly get the most out of your video content and create reusable metadata for investigation, case building, and reporting. Analysts are flooded with large volumes of data, too much to manually sort. But using VideoRecall they can detects items of interest, browse video content and report extracted intelligence.

VideoRecall Product Sheet

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