intuVision Software Development Kit

Person detections in a parking lot.

intuVision SDK offers the most powerful real-time video analytics on Windows and various Linux development platforms.


Reduce development time and effort

No need to develop video analytics from scratch, our ready-made video analytics SDK can be directly integrated into your video application.


Quick startup

Perform high-level functions, such as receiving event alarms in real-time, only with very few lines of code.


In depth program manipulation

Extend or customize intuVision VA’s powerful object detection and tracking capabilities to match your own application requirements.


Fully documented example projects

Our detailed documentation and code samples from typical SDK applications makes it possible to fully utilize the SDK capabilities to implement your applications.


GPU enabled for faster processing

Analyze your video faster by utilizing the your GPU device thorough intuVision SDK. Learn more about it here.


Export Metadata

Use the tracked object metadata generated by intuVision SDK algorithms to create custom events. Use event metadata to trigger 3rd party systems.


Take the power of video analytics into your hands!


intuVision SDK Provides:

  • Sample program source code for common cases
  • Real-time video processing from stationary or moving cameras
  • Unrestricted image/video pixel resolution
  • Robust tracking with dynamic backgrounds, variable lighting conditions and degraded image/video quality
  • Off-line or on-line video processing on input videos or lists of images
  • Simple GUI applications for ease of use and immediate evaluation

The object and event metadata can be exported from the SDK directly into your applications, enabling you to use our analytics capabilities to solve your unique challenges.


intuVision SDK, a C based Software Development Kit is available for prototyping, demonstration and limited distribution, as well as for full integration and product distribution.


Feature Description
Intelligent Object Detection and Tracking Objects entering a scene are detected and tracked, providing confidence that triggered alarms are relevant.
Directional Motion Detection Direction and time of motion in given direction can be detected by simply drawing an arrow on the video.
Zone Intrusion Any arbitrary shape zone can be set to monitor intrusion by simply drawing on the video.
Line Crossing An object crossing a line drawn anywhere in the scene can be detected.
Loitering Any object idling for a given time in a given radius can be detected.
Leaving Objects A left object can be detected in a zone or anywhere in the scene.
Object Taken An object taken can be detected in a zone or anywhere in the scene.
Crowd Detection Groups of people can be detected and tracked. Crowd density detection and over capacity detectors available.
People Counting People entering or exiting an area over time can be counted.
People Waiting Time in a Queue Average wait times for people waiting in a line such as at the cash registers can be returned.
Object Classification User re-trainable object classification models, base models for people, vehicle, and groups are provided.
PTZ Camera Tracking intuVision VA can stop tracking during camera zoom and resume tracking when the camera stops.
PTZ Camera Control Camera PTZ control capability will be available for select cameras in the next release.

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