Video Analytics Technology Developments

intuVision's patent-pending video analytics technology is inspired by the human visual cognition system. The technology's multi-tiered spatially-based peripheral vision and object-based tunnel vision components enable security personnel to detect objects and events in surveillance video quickly and accurately. Our intelligent video solutions provide "all seeing" human-like, focused attention to ensure vigilant security and virtually eliminate false alarms.

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Working with customers, intuVision develops total security surveillance solutions to meet the unique needs of each system. Knowing a complete security system will have multiple components, intuVision's products are made to be easily integrated with complementary systems. The architecture is designed with cross platform efficiency in mind, is highly scalable, and can be configured to meet individual application requirements.

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Video Analytics Services

intuVision provides expert computer vision services for government and commercial customers for all video related security, surveillance, forensics and post-investigation projects.

Our current services and projects are focused on turning innovative computer vision and biometrics ideas into working video and multimodal system solutions for content extraction and event understanding. These solutions range from real time analysis of events in the video streams to end user tools for video content understanding.

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