Intelligent Video Analytics with intuVision VA "the all-seeing"

Get more out of your surveillance video with intuVision VA, the all seeing.  This intelligent video software provides the capability to monitor your surveillance video in real time and send out alerts upon the occurrence of user specified events. If a concern is a thief breaking into a doorway after hours, a person entering a one way door from the incorrect direction, or a vehicle loitering outside of your building, intuVision VA will notify the security staff of event occurrence.

Robust and Diverse Event Detection

intuVision VA provides core events to be customized into robust "Event" instances per application requirements. Event detection parameters can be customized to application and environment specific goals to ensure optimal event detection. Any event can be paired with our open ended object classification, allowing unlimited event customization, and robust event specificity. See our event list here.

Intuitive User Interface

The intuVision VA user interface is split into two components, one allowing for easy set up of the vision algorithms and the event detectors, the other allowing for effective camera monitoring. Explore the interfaces here.

GPU Enabled for Increased Processing Speed

intuVision VA processing can be sped up, or many cameras can be processed on one computer by utilizing GPU processing. These relatively inexpensive components allow for parallel processing of the inherently parallel vision algorithms.

Broad 3rd Party Integration

intuVision VA can be integrated with a variety of third party products. Current VMS integrations include exacqVision, Cisco Video Surveillance Manager, and Milestone XProtect. The integration capabilities include event triggered recording, exporting of object bounding boxes, and video ingestion. We are constantly expanding our integration base, contact us if your VMS provider is not on the list.

Top Ranking in Independent Evaluations

intuVision's real-time video event detection and video forensic investigation technologies, featured in intuVision VA and all our products, have received top ranks in government and organizational evaluations including the first place in Video Event Detection Evaluation run by National Institute of Standards (NIST TRECVid08) and IEEE Change Detection Challenge 2012.

Unlimited Use Case

Because of our unlimited classification types and our broad event offering, intuVision VA can be used for a large variety of needs. From tracking customer numbers in a store, to counting the number of farm animals being led to each pen, to tracking the number of cars in a parking area, intuVision VA goes far beyond traditional security uses for video analytics. View our application samples and our sample surveillance deployment.

Deployment Flexibility

The robust and flexible product architecture is designed with cross platform efficiency in mind and can be configured to meet individual application requirements. The computationally efficient algorithms, highly modular design and client server based system architecture of intuVision VA, makes it a highly scalable solution on all platforms.

intuVision VA monitor is on the left of the screen connected to the site controller, which is connected to both the DVR and the intuVision VA Processors, which are both connected to the cameras.  This represents the overall intuVision VA system.

Version Comparison

intuVision VA is currently available in two versions: intuVision-Core and intuVision-Power. The chart below compares the functionality of these versions.


Comparison of intuVision VA versions
Feature intuVision-Core intuVision-Power
All Events
Event Summary
Camera Tampering
Event-based Video Archiving
Statistical Reporting
Event Triggered Email via SMTP
RSS and Webserver Event Viewing
VMS Event Linking
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