Camera Embedded Edge Analytics: Object Taken Spy

intuVision Object Taken Spy is embedded in Axis, Cisco, and Samsung smart cameras to transform your camera system to automatically monitor your assets. Object Taken Spy processes video right on the camera and generates audible or text alarms when a monitored object is removed from its place. The inclusion of our "zone" capabilities allows you to monitor up to four objects in each scene.

In one use case, embedded Object Taken analytics easily watch hallways throughout a business facility. Thefts are detected on board the individual cameras, freeing the surveillance team from extensive analysis. No longer needed are multiple servers for the analysis of the many cameras and the surveillance team is quickly notified to any theft of selected assets.

Various assets monitored in this use case include advertisement displays of costly products, valuable artwork, and large display screens. One of the cameras, seen below, monitors the front lobby, and will alert security personnel to the theft of the large flat screen display monitor.

Add the Object Taken Spy to your Camera

Please contact to enhance your smart camera with the effective and affordable Object Taken Spy to protect your valuable assets.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding a specific camera.

More Edge Based Analytics

Object Taken Spy is the first of many edge based analytics to be embedded in smart cameras. Please contact us at for upcoming features.

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