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intuNews Issue 65


intuVision VA Traffic Spotlight

Directional counts and average speeds per traffic lane, as well as vehicle classification, all from single camera view! Head to our website to see the latest video showcase from intuVision: segmented traffic counts and average speeds by lane, and counts per vehicle classification type.

intuVision® VA Traffic


Video analytics you can depend on

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We use intuVision VA's vehicle counting, tracks view and heat map features successfully for traffic analysis at intersections and city roads, as well as detection of illegal parking. Dedicated support from intuVision team ensure good results in our deployments.

Nevin Dargut,
Proline Integrated Intelligence

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intuVision Edge Traffic video spotlight.

intuVision VA Traffic offers flexibility for real-time processing, faster-than-realtime processing from archived video, or deployments that feature a combination of the two.

In the example project showcased in our intuBlog, the requirements were for a combination; with some locations analyzing traffic video in real-time over long-term camera deployments, and others collecting video at selected intersections for post processing and short-term traffic data analysis. Directional counts for trucks and other vehicles are summarized in the pie-chart graphs below.

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Graphs showcasing intuVision vehicle counting and speed detection.
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