Forensic Video Analysis with VideoRecall

intuVisionís intelligent video analytics technologies enable end-users to get the most out of their video content and create re-usable metadata for investigation, case building, and reporting of both forensic video and surveillance video. End-users are flooded with unmanageably large volumes of video data from a wide range of sources and need systems and tools to:


  • Detect and distinguish an item of interest from similar items.
  • Query, retrieve and view selected video data with contents of interest.
  • Report and Share their findings in convenient formats.
Screen capture of videorecall GUI, showing the relationships between objects of interest in a video.

VideoRecall enables all of these by automatically analyzing the contents of video files, extracting items of interest and organizing the findings and results in one convenient application. Using this application, analysts can easily manipulate video files and exploit video content in their investigations. Analysts can add attributes to video objects and search the video contents by automatically extracted and user generated attributes.

VideoRecall uses cutting edge patent-pending technology, originated from government-funded research, to fulfill the requirements of intelligence analysts to extract:


  • activity levels
  • scene changes
  • faces(sorted by gender)
  • person
  • vehicles
  • text area detections
  • text OCR extraction
  • intuVision VA embedded for event detection

Please note: VideoRecall is not currently available for trails, as we go through some major revisions. Check back for an updated solution soon.

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