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Automated & Unbiased Selector

intuVision Random Selector - available with both intuVision Edge and intuVision VA - is designed for unbiased random stops at airports and other guarded entrances, border crossings, for closer inspection of a user-set percentage of people or vehicles.

intuVision Random Selector


Flexible analytics you can depend on


This application (intuVision Random Selector) seems to be well received by each of the port and critical infrastructure end customers.

Tom Cantril
Axis Communications

intuVision random selector - click to view video.

Available as part of intuVision VA or running entirely on the edge, intuVision Person or Vehicle Random Selector can offer an unbiased mechanism to stop-and-inspect a specified percentage of people or vehicles entering a facility. Our reliable analytics detect and count each person or vehicle, and signals on a customizable percent in a uniformly random fashion. The signal can be tied to an I/O module or other alert system to notify the guards.

Alternatively, use intuVision random selector to audit your system's performance for accuracy of counts or events as well as an unbiased auditing of your staff responses to detected events. If you think that intuVision Random Selector can help you or your customers, you can reach us here.

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