February 2016

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intuVision VA - Parking Spotlight

intuVision VA version 7.4 is the most anticipated release to date, with updated algorithms, new features, and more.


Search your recorded video without re-processing – Using stored tracks from your real-time processing search for any new event type or objects, by color, by type, by motion features etc.


Compare last month’s customer traffic with this month - New side-by-side reports let you easily compare event counts for two time periods.


Stay tuned for more video analytics news in upcoming issues of intuNEWS.


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intuVision VA Modules - Parking, Retail, Security, Traffic

Our latest release of intuVision VA brings new features for all modules. In this issue, the spotlight is on our Parking Module, with new and updated features for parking lot occupancy and safety monitoring.

intuVision VA Parking - Parking Lot Monitoring

Following its release in 2015, intuVision VA Parking quickly became the sought after tool for monitoring private parking lots and for smart city parking management solutions alike. With unlimited event rules per camera license, our parking module can report spot availability, vehicles parked in violation zones or exceeding the allowed parking duration as well as speed violations for parking lot safety.

Read the use case scenario for intuVision Parking Module tested in commercial building parking lot, and view our analytics in action in our parking demo video.

Parking lot with 26 monitored parking spots, including 22 full spots and 4 empty spots.

Click here if you cannot see the image.

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