February 2017

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Detected salmon in two different views.
intuVision VA Spotlight: Post-Processing

intuVision's newest people counting deployment, at The Timken Museum of Art in San Diego, CA, achieves 97% daily accuracy in counting visitors.


Did you know? intuVision VA's store tracks feature allows detecting event rules that were not applied during real-time analysis and searching objects, by color, type, or motion features.

Stay tuned for more video analytics news in upcoming issues of intuNEWS.

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intuVision VA Post-Processing

intuVision VA post-processing allows applying analytics on recorded/archived video using any of our event rules at much faster than real-time speeds.

Post-processing includes all the great features of intuVision VA such as heatmaps and color based object search; it is ideal for traffic or retail studies, post-event analysis for security invesitgations and more. With convenient metered pricing, you pay for only the time you need, and with faster-than-realtime processing, run through weeks of video in a few days!

intuVision VA Solution Highlight - Finding Fish

While our usual video analytics solutions fall under: security, retail, traffic, parking and face detection - sometimes we get requests for applications we would have never imagined!

One such recent project was to post-process collected video data from cameras in a stream in B.C, Canada, monitoring salmon activity in the fishways. Several months of video from underwater cameras were processed in a matter of days to find segments of salmon activity! Read more about it on our blog.

Detected salmon in two different views.

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