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Integrate Analytics Data with intuVision® API

Use intuVision web API to access detailed event information for our deep catalogue of video analytics events.

intuVision VA Web API & RSS Feed - Access Counts, Events, and More...

Get full access to event information, heatmaps, counts, live video, and more with intuVision Web API.

Intuitive and flexible queries to get analytics information for inclusion in 3rd Party dashboards or to customize analytics results and make comparisons.

Events and solutions spanning all intuVision VA modules: Face Detection & Matching, Parking, Retail, Security, and Traffic.

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What our customers are saying...

"IVC Alarm Server system integrated with intuVision Video Analytics made it easy to react to threats in near real-time. Through the integration and deployment process intuVision's support was always quick and effective!"

Clark Esler, Marketing Director, Industrial Video Controls

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