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Around the World with intuVision®

Go to our website to view our interactive map, showcasing our video analytics deployments around the world.

intuVision video analytics on the global map!

We are celebrating our global customer base from over a decade in the video analytics market. Head to our website to view our interactive map.

See where intuVision VA applications for Face Detection & Matching, Parking, Retail, Security, Traffic, and intuVision Edge on smart cameras and SoC platforms.

Ask us for user stories from various sites, or let us know your user story.

What our customers are saying...

"The high flexibility and robustness that came with intuVision analytics suite made it much easier for us to deploy and deliver than any other available off-the-shelf options. Some of the nicest features that we have setup and deployed, to my understanding, are exclusively available only with intuVision. Support team was extremely committed and professional, thanks guys!"

Tang Tay Joo, Kenetics Solutions Pte. Ltd., Singapore

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