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intuVision® VA 11.0 & Compact Sets

intuVision VA portable hw + sw sets, mini-pc, two cameras, and up to 4 channels of intuVision VA - for demos, PoC deployments, and more.

intuVision VA Compact System Sets and new intuVision VA version 11.0

HW+SW Compact System Set Sale

Impress your customers with ready to deploy, easily portable, intuVision VA mini-server, equipped with intuVision VA software and optional cameras to round out the package! Read more about the compact system set sale.

intuVision VA 11.0

Explore our latest intuVision VA release, with system-wide updates and upgrades, and the greatest object tracking yet, with our new patent. Read intuVision VA 11.0 Release Notes.

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What our customers are saying...

"...What draws me to intuVision is the unparalleled customer service, the support team's willingness to help out at any cause, and the sense that I get that you stand behind your products and services."

Jonathan Tapper, Maryland Security Professionals

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