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intuVision VA - Solutions


intuVision VA is a flexible software, used for solutions in a variety of application areas, specifically: Parking, Retail, Security, Traffic and Face Detection & Matching. Some solutions available using intuVision analytics are listed below.

Covid-19 Solutions


intuVision's flexible analytics provide reliable solutions to slow the spread of the virus by monitoring compliance with social distancing and face mask use preventative measures, by: controlling occupancy levels in stores, watching for crowd density levels or loitering in public areas, and monitoring face mask use in food stores as well as offices and retail environments.

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Airport Solutions

airport detections

intuVision's analytics offer a complete solution for all aspects of an airport: security, business intelligence, traffic, and parking. The comprehensive features in intuVision VA application modules (Security, Traffic, Retail, Parking and Face Detection) generate detailed people and vehicle traffic and flow metrics; detect security threats and incidents; and monitor parking areas from a range of camera locations to enable making the most of your existing camera infrastructure.

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People Counting


Unauthorized access to controlled areas presents a serious security threat to infrastructure and data resources. Tailgating takes place intentionally or unintentionally when more than one person enters through an access-controlled door using a single person’s credentials, or a proprietor takes advantage of a slow closing door after someone exits.

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Parking Occupancy

intuVision Parking Occupancy thumbnail
intuVision Parking Occupancy

intuVision parking lot occupancy is comprised of two solutions, which can be used separately or in conjunction, depending on camera view. First is intuVision spot-based occupancy, which monitors each parking spot individually, producing highly detailed outputs and our highest accuracy.Second is intuVision counting based occupancy, which monitors a parking garage or lot based upon entrances and exits.

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Vehicle Counting

Lane-based Vehicle Counts with Classification thumbnail
Highway Example: Lane-based Vehicle Counts with Classification

intuVision VA’s vehicle counter offers an alternative to counting vehicles manually or with tube loops – with the benefits of both methods facilitating visual classification and accurate counts.

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Person Tailgating

intuVision Person Tailgating Detection thumbnail
intuVision Person Tailgating Detection

An access-controlled gateway is only as secure as the people who are authorized to use it. intuVision VA tailgate solution detects and deters unauthorized entry through secure doors and logs potentially unsafe activity with visual verification.

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Vehicle Tailgating

intuVision Vehicle Tailgating Detection thumbnail
intuVision Vehicle Tailgating Detection

A vehicle gate while ensures controlled access to an area, the open-close time makes the site vulnerable to possible tailgate behaviors. intuVision VA tailgate solution detects and deters unauthorized entry through secure gates and logs potentially unsafe activity with visual verification.

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intuVision VMS Integrations

VMS Integration

Whether you have a VMS already to which you would like to add analytics, or if you need a VMS system to easily store and sort a broad surveillance database, intuVision VA is integrated with the Video Management Solutions you need to complete your solution. Including AXIS Camera Station, ExacqVision, Milestone, Hikvision, and Immix Cloud, ingest video directly from your VMS and send alerts back upon event detection.

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Custom Analytics

With a rich history of custom developments and video analytics breakthroughs, using existing intuVision products and technology components we can create unique custom video analytics solutions in record time.

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intuVision R&D

intuVision has always been on the forefront of video content analysis technology with extensive R&D. We are dedicated to continuously advancing the intelligent video content extraction algorithms used in our products and custom solutions.

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