intuVisionVA 13.0 is here.

Welcoming 2021 with new releases on the server and on the edge!

Joint new releases of intuVision VA and intuVision Edge supports ingesting events from camera analytics into server side, facilitating hybrid deployments and straightforward use of intuVision Edge Event Manager.

intuVision VA 13.0 - AXIS Camera Station, Reporting Dwell Times and Parking Duration, Hybrid Analytics with intuVision Edge

  • Enhanced integration with AXIS Camera Station (ACS) ingests video from ACS with the click of a button, sends flexible trigger actions upon event detection, and controls PTZ behavior from intuVision VA.
  • Tighter integration with intuVision Edge to seamlessly import events from intuVision Edge analytics.
  • New reporting functionality for average dwell time and park duration with graphs. Reporting per parking spot or dwell zone provide detailed statistics.
  • General performance updates, including support for H.265, updated NVIDIA drivers.
average parking graph

intuVision Edge 8.0 - available for AXIS, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, and Vivotek cameras & System-on-Chip devices

  • Event API - query events detected by intuVision edge analytics and saved on-board the camera, for ingestion into third party systems.
  • New Crowd Density Event - monitor social distancing on the edge.
average parking graph

If you would like to test this new version or are interested in upgrading your current intuVision VA or intuVision Edge deployment, please let us know.

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