intuVision Va 12.1 is here.

intuVision VA® 12.1 - our latest version comes with exciting new features:

  • Random Selector - New feature - alarm on randomly selected intuVision VA detections, for:
    • Unbiased person checks at secure area entrances
    • Random inspection of vehicle at vehicle gates or roadblocks
    • Compatible with all event rules and all intuVision VA modules
    • Auditing of events & checks on security staff
  • Updated Event Configuration for even faster system setup
  • Enhanced Review Features with improved response time and functionality with intuVision Review Application
  • exacqVision VMS integration update to version 1.45.0
  • General algorithm and software updates and speed enhancements

Building on major upgrades of intuVision VA 12.0:

  • New Output Triggers - periodic HTTP Digests for sending counts via HTTP Triggers
  • Automated backup of server configuration - new feature to ensure settings will not be lost in the instance of system or computer failure
  • Video Loss Notifications - option to send automated emails when video input into intuVision VA system is interrupted
  • Archiving of Periodic Camera Snapshots - to keep a record of camera view and event configuration for verification
  • Updated Video Streaming - to use RTSP packets for reduced network bandwidth usage and faster internal video streaming
  • ONVIF Credentials - now added once for the entire system to allow auto-discovery of all cameras
  • Object Classification Updates & Optimization - higher accuracy with improved training method from within intuVision VA Admin app
  • Tailgating Detection Event Setup - new UI options for easy set up of both people and vehicle tailgating events
  • Upgrades of third party software platforms and libraries including FFmpeg 4.2, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Postgres 11.5.1

End-of-Life announcement: Support for intuVision VA versions before 9.0 will no longer be available, although licenses will continue to work. We recommend updating older systems to the latest version to ensure enhanced performance and uninterrupted support.

For more information about intuVision products, please visit our website at, email us at, or call us at 781-497-1015.

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