intuVision Edge 8.1 is here.

intuVision® Edge 8.1 - Motion & Dwell Heatmaps and Multiple Event Zones

We are pleased to announce the new version of intuVision Edge, featuring Dwell and Motion Heatmaps fully on the edge and support for multiple regions of interest for events.

Heatmaps provide a powerful tool for seeing movement and dwell patterns at a glance. While particular analytics events generate detailed data such as visitor counts, loitering instances, etc. heatmaps provide a general sense of traffic patterns in your camera view.

Motion Heatmaps summarize overall motion trends over selected time periods, they are ideal for understanding the traffic patterns in stores, parking lots, or streets.

Dwell Heatmaps highlight waiting times, and show at a glance where people and vehicles are likely to congregate, such as areas people stop and linger or vehicles idle.

motion and dwell heatmaps on 360 store video.

Multiple Event Zones, compatible with all relevant edge event rules, increase the functionality of edge analytics. These zones can be labeled to separate the counts or event alarm triggers, for example, triggering audio alerts or light notifications by event zone to alert security staff to the incident location in a timely manner.

Depending on the use case, zone specific triggers can be sent through your camera's built-in notification tools, for email, audio alerts, I/O devices, and other compatible triggers, and with the intuVision Edge Event Manager.

If you would like to test this new version or are interested in upgrading your current intuVision Edge deployment, please let us know.

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