Person Classification with Soft Biometry

intuVision's Soft Biometry Technology

Soft Biometry features are those that provide categorical information about people, such as gender, ethnicity and size, but are not enough to uniquely identify a person. Our new technology focuses on categorical classification of people from ordinary video. The images to the right depict "average" male and female faces for Asian, Caucasian and African American ethnic groups. These faces are generated with composites of several hundred face images.

six progressive frames of an Asian man carrying a stack of boxes through a doorway.

Soft Biometry in Real-Time Video Analysis

Grid of 6 faces, a male and female of Asian, Caucasian, and African ethnic groups.  The faces are blurry around the edges and the mouth and sharpest around the eyes and the bridge of the nose where there are greater similarities. This is an example of soft biometrics, showing the calculable features that all members of a group have in common.

intuVision's video Soft Biometry analysis with face-based gender and ethnicity classification provides categorical information about people, such as gender, ethnicity, age and size, but not enough information to uniquely identify a person. This technology has applications in both surveillance and forensic video analytics.


Soft biometric features are extracted and accumulated for each person in every frame to build a dynamic soft biometric feature list for each tracked person in surveillance videos.

Shows the extracted faces from a video, and the ones that were pulled out based on a gender query.

Our algorithms for gender and ethnicity classification are trained to work on various quality face images extracted from surveillance video, such as the examples shown below:

Eight very blurry faces of various genders and ethnicities.  The gender and ethnicity can almost not be distinguished, but are correctly classified with soft biometrics intelligent video analytics.

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