Robust Object Counting with intuVision VA

Keep on track with intuVisionís intuitive event counting measures. Easily see object counts throughout the day, available as an easy to use overlay on any of your cameras. If you are looking to see how many customers have entered your store, how many vehicles have driven into your parking lot, or even if your restaurant is over capacity, it is easy to do so with intuVision VA object counting.

Mostly used with the Enter, Exit, Direction and Line Crossing events, object counting can be used with any intuVision VA event spy, enabling object counts for various types of alarms. Through object counting, an object triggering the alarm is added to the object count. Object counting can be further customized using object classification, to count cars or people. All object counts can be viewed as a simple overlay over the live video in the intuVision VA Monitor.

In the use case, below, an object walking up the stairs is added to the "Enter" count, and a person going down the stairs is added to the "Exit" count.

Take advantage of our free trials today, and see our object counting capabilities for yourself.

Panoptes counts people entering and exiting a through stairway.
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