Surveillance Video Analytics Example

Panoptes Video Analytics is currently in use for real-time intelligent video surveillance of the large perimeter of a US Government facility including wooded areas, shorelines, roads and buildings. Panoptes is optimized for the challenging environmental and weather conditions using the newest R&D technologies for accurate tracking, alerting the security personnel to potential threats without generating false alarms.

Panoptes was deployed on the customer's existing hardware, which was used by the previous intelligent video surveillance system, providing huge cost savings over all other alternatives. Panoptes is integrated with the customerís existing DVR, enabling seamless query and retrieval of video clips of the alarms. The Panoptes system keeps a log of all detected incidents.


Panoptes' intuitive event monitoring application user interface is shown below:

Panoptes video analytics event monitoring application user interface. It shows the real time analysis of four surviellance camera views, on one of which is a perimeter protection event that is in violation, and is therefore bound in red.
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