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December, 2013 - We are happy to announce our year end version release of Panoptes. With a completely remodeled Monitor inteface, and two new event spies: Parking and Capacity, this is our most intuitive and robust release to date!
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October, 2013 - as a global leader in edge based video analytics, intuVision's founder, Sadiye Guler, participated in the inaugural Internet of Things Global Forum, October 29-31 in Barcelona Spain.
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September, 2013 - intuVision released version 5.1 of Panoptes. Among many new features are heatmap capabilities for intuitive scene review, PTZ functionality for exacqVision ingested camera, and improved usability.
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September, 2013 - Panoptes is featured in Cisco Connected Physical Security Solutions at ASIS 2013. Representatives from intuVision demonstrated new edge analytics.
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July, 2013 - intuVision released version 5.0 of Panoptes. Compound events allow for event customization, while floormap features allow for intuitive event and camera monitoring.
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September, 2012 - intuVision announced a partnership with exacqVision, to provide to power of Panoptes video analytics through the exacqVision VMS system.
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April, 2012 - intuVision competed with research teams from around the world in the IEEE Workshop on Change Detection, and proving that we lead the pack.
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October, 2013 - New and improved edge analytics! We have re-released Activity, Line Crossing, and Object Taken Spies, now faster and stronger, but still the same low price. See more>>

September, 2013 - New - Panoptes 5.1! Easily visualize patterns in scenes with our heatmap tool. Other features are PTZ capabilities and VMS integration improvements. See more>>

September, 2013 - Panoptes is featured in Cisco Connected Physical Security Solutions at ASIS 2013. Please drop by at booth #2134 for a demo of our Cisco embedded analytics. See more>>

August, 2013 - intuVision presented in NIVIDIA's GPU Express Webinar Program. Contact us for slides and to learn about intuVision’s GPU accelerated video analytics. See GPU video>>

July, 2013 - a&s International featured intuVision in a conversation about the pros and cons of edge-based and server-based video analytics. Read the article for more.

July, 2013 - New - Panoptes 5.0! Compound events allow for event customization, while floormap features allow for intuitive event and camera monitoring. More>>

June, 2013 - Panoptes can now get video from and send alarms to the Immix Cloud! Immix Cloud is a unique system that consolidates many surveillance systems. More>>

June, 2013 - Newly released LineCrossingSpy runs exclusively on AXIS cameras, monitoring your facility to detect trespassers and count customers entering your facility.

May, 2013 - ObjectTakenSpy featured at Axis Sales Engineer Workshop. Run exclusively on AXIS cameras, this application protects assets without added equipment.

May, 2013 - Pioneering GPU accelerated analytics, we are again in the spotlight. NVIDIA highlights our faster than realtime processing in their recent case study. More>>

April, 2013 - Protect your facilities from the threat of fire, with the new Panoptes Fire Detector, an effortless backup to conventional protection methods.

March, 2013 - Introducing version 4.7 of Panoptes, now with even easier integration with VMS partners. Ever open to your needs, let us know what new features you would like!

February, 2013 - We are happy to announce ActivitySpy! Going beyond motion detection, our AXIS camera based ActivitySpy minimizes false alarms and computing power!

January, 2013 - Further VMS integrations unveiled with Panoptes version 4.5, Cisco VSM and Milestone XProtect. See our Integration Partners page for more information.

December, 2012 - We would like you wish you and yours “happy holidays” and thank our partners, customers, and friends for your support over the past year. More>>

December, 2012 - intuVision releases version 4.4 of Panoptes, offering expanded event linking capabilities and new event detectors, Crowd Density and Speed.

November, 2012 - Our new Crowd Density Detector provides the capability to alert users when a crowd of a set density is detected in a scene. More>>

November, 2012 - Check our Integration Partners page for information on newly integrated systems and devices, including VMS providers and camera vendors.

October, 2012 - intuVision presents at IEEE AIPR 2012 in Washington, DC, regarding research into automatic, content based, classification of unrestricted video clips. More>>

October, 2012 - intuVision brings our intelligent video analytics to Axis cameras, helping users protect valuable assets with a new, embedded Object Taken Spy. More>>



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